Shed Island

Shed Island

Thanks to my handy neighbour Dave, my shed, like most things on the property is built to withstand most natural and man-made disasters. The shed itself came with the house (although it looked completely different and out-of-place). We moved said shed into it’s final resting place much like the Egyptians moved their pyramid blocks – it’s amazing what a little counter-levering can achieve.

To many people the shed is where unwanted garden furniture and tools go to die. My shed is used for storage too, but it’s main function is for potting and wintering produce. I’ve added a workbench, lots of shelves (for pots, mixes and other garden must-haves) and hangers for conditioning vegetables such as onions and garlic. I added a window on the south side to let in natural light and so I could look outside onto the garden (for when I forgot why I went in there).

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes (go figure) and if you were an unscrupulous landlord in England you’d probably consider this one a rental property. Originally, mine was made out of plastic cladding and had little charm or character. Given my keen aesthetic ideals, I made sure it looked like my house and garage using leftover materials from my home renovation – I got that idea from all the new infill properties surrounding me.

Of course, on a rainy day it provides cover and somewhere to enjoy a cup of tea (or something a little stronger!). And, if you’re in trouble with your partner it’s probably a good place to hide too!

On a side note, here’s are a few ‘shedlines’ that didn’t quite make the grade:

Better Off Shed
Where’s Your Shed At
Shed to Tale
Wanted: Shed or Alive

Enough about sheds!