Going to Pot

Going to Pot

It’s no secret that if you’ve got a pot (or any kind of container) that you can grow something edible. The nice thing about potted plants is that you can put them anywhere and those of you that don’t have a garden don’t have an excuse not to experiment and give growing a try.

Most of my pots have been donated, purchased from Kijiji or a garage sale. Pots can be expensive to buy from the store (but even stores have sales – think end of Summer). I love terracotta pots especially old ones with a bit of character but in reality the plastic ones are much better as they retain water, are easier to store and unlikely to crack and will probably last forever (thank you oil industry by-product).

Bonus, you can move your pots around. Possibly, it’s too sunny or not sunny enough or I’m my case whatever is growing in it is looking a bit sad and needs to be hidden from public view (I want my garden to look good as well as be useful).

Herbs are a no-brainer. If you are going to plant flowers the bees will love you and they are important for your garden (they are by far the hardest workers – imaging pollinating by hand).

Towards the end of the growing season, with the first frost weighing heavily on my mind, I often move them to the greenhouse (which is where they start out and are utilized in the Spring) and sometimes indoors – I think they prefer the greenhouse but the smell of fresh lavender and rosemary in your kitchen is never a bad thing (just ask a Victorian).

I have used pots to grow everything from Purslane to Cantaloupes.