Always Plotting Something

Always Plotting Something

I rented my home for 10 years before I was given an opportunity to purchase it (for a premium), so I had a decade to dream about how I would fence off the property, make it a non-dumping zone and an all-round productive space. In theory, I’d be eating for free but when factoring my time, land cost and property taxes, in reality I’m probably no better off than my neighbour – wait a minute, that’s not right!

It’s beautiful, terraforming the property, going fully lawn-less (as of Spring 2015) and not having to spend money on gas or wait in traffic to then wait in line at the grocery store has been worth every penny. We need some mint for Mojitos? I’ll grab some, be back in two minutes. I have a place to relax, think and entertain. My neighbour still has a lawn (yawn).

So what’s my point?

The more planning and preparation you do, the more likely your chances of success. Take a phased approach, take small steps and learn as you go. Remember Winter? That’s planning season. You will hit bumps but the rewards will come with patience and dedication (and you’ll be all the smarter and healthier for it).

Start plotting!