Anyone who knows Calgary will probably have something to say about Stampede. That great 10 day Calgary tradition that unites lovers, haters, lover-haters and hater-lovers. Yehaw or yahoo, it doesn’t really seem to matter to anyone staggeringly drunk at 3am.

I like to think I’ve invented many things, many things! My best invention (if one could really call it that) has to be Stampizza™ – it’s like Stampede for pizza lovers with a birds-eye-view of the Stampede grounds thrown in and the fireworks display to boot.

Every year we invite 100+ guests (no more than 50 usually turn up) to join us in the garden for some wood-fired pizza, music, craft beer and select wine. Every year we get a bit more professional (well, organized) and come rain, hail or shine put on a party that’s almost become a tradition.

Most of the hard work is done by the good folk from LDV Pizza Bar and Without Papers Pizza. The garden provides both the setting and an amiable assortment of ready-to-pizza ingredients. Hay bales, DJs, craft beers and select wines add to the mix and everyone (so far) leaves happy and in one piece.

I like Stampede but I like Stampizza™ more. If you love Stampede and more specifically wood-fired pizza, you can always drop me an email and I’ll put an invite in the post. The party usually gets started in the late afternoon and the fires are burning well into the early morning.