Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid

It’s no secret that simple solutions are more often than not the best. I learnt this a long time ago in the design business – it’s all about getting rid of things you don’t need, not adding more things to compensate. The same can be said for a good garden pizza.

KISS is the abbreviation – it’s short and it’s easy to remember (simple you might say). We love experimenting with the pizzas we make in the cob oven and time and time again some of the best things to come out of the fire have the least (and freshest) ingredients.

In 2011, I helped my good friends Jesse and Angelo open Without Papers Pizza in Inglewood. Jesse will tell you that the best advice for anyone wanting open a restaurant is ‘don’t do it’ and the truest test of a good pizza restaurant is the margherita. If you are comparing different restaurants the only true apples-to-apples comparison is to order this pie. If your tweaking your pizza dough, do it with a margherita.

Sure, we make margherita pizza at home but when Jeremy is over, we’ll pull all manner of vegetables and fruit from the garden. Beetroot pizza – amazing. Onion pizza – amazing. Acorn squash pizza – amazing. I think you’re getting the gist!

So, before you spend a small fortune trying to recreate that awesome (but complicated) pie you had on holiday one year think about using just one or two ingredients. They say less is more and I totally agree.