The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

I knew I needed (and really wanted) a greenhouse so I planned for it early on in my garden redesign. The criteria for a greenhouse are governed by the usual dynamics – cost, size, location and purpose. In my case it was purpose – I knew it was important to extend the growing season. It’s had some other uses too!

After my usual internet investigating, I decided to invest in a snap-and-grow 8′ x 8′ Palram which was at the time available for purchase online through Home Depot, Rona, and Walmart. They all sold the same model but the prices varied by about $300 – I went with the cheapest of course and I am happy with my decision.

Don’t forget though, you have to put the damn thing together! Yep, the hidden cost involved building a base (which is optional but I’m in this for the long run) as well, it’s a two-man, two-day job to put it together. The thing is bullet-proof, or at least it’s made from the same composite plastic-esque material they use on fighter plane cockpits (pretty cool).

Seasons now extended, it’s doubled as an outdoor kitchen preparation area. It’s proximity to the not-so-clay oven has been a godsend – come rain or hail we’ve beaten the weather and it’s done a great job of keeping Jeremy’s precious wood in optimal condition during the off season (so we can fire up the oven whenever we want).

One of my best investments.