Seeding is Believing

Seeding is Believing

You have to start somewhere, and for me that’s buying my seed stock. I’m pretty picky about where they come from and the varietals I use. As you get more experienced in the garden, you’ll find yourself letting plants deliberately go to seed (so you have your own free stock).

I’ve cursed many a seed package but I swear by Westcoast Seeds (this is not an advertorial – I genuinely love this company).

Let’s rewind a bit.

When I first started my gardening adventure I would buy seeds from Home Depot (I also love Home Depot, It’s like an Ikea for the handy). I’m not sure any of the seeds are made by Canadian companies and Martha Stewart seeds just don’t appeal regardless of how nice a job they’ve done of their packaging). When I finally started shopping at my nearest garden centre (Garden Retreat near Chinook Mall) I noticed they didn’t carry these brands at all.

My success with the Home Depot selection wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either – I’ll put this down to a pinch of ignorance and handful of inexperience. We live and learn.

So, back to my story. Westcoast Seeds not only had a more honest-looking package, they also had a pretty decent website (with online ordering as you would expect for any business these days). They have an amazingly wide selection of popular and heirloom varieties and lots of helpful advice pertaining to each seed type. All of their seeds are non-GMO and certified organic. Bonus, they are from BC so I’m spending my money in Canada.

Every Winter they send out a printed catalogue to anyone who is on their database which is full of beautiful pictures and great advice. The tactile quality of a printed publication bursting with colour and crops I had never heard of or didn’t think you could grow makes a nice change from the not-so-warm glow of my computer screen.

The seeds are guaranteed to last for a couple of years, so anything that doesn’t find it’s way into the ground this year will be the first to be planted the following year (in my case at least).